Year 1’s bonfire

On Friday, despite the rain, 1HM went outside to the fire pit to have our own mini bonfire. Not put off by the soggy start, we were able to observe how the fire moved, using some of the verbs that we had generated in our English lesson to describe the movement of the flames and smoke: such as drifting, flickering and dancing. We thought about the materials which were burning to create the fire – wood and paper, and discussed how they were flammable. We had all written our own messages on pieces of paper in the morning which started with the same opener ‘I can’t …’ finishing the sentence with something that we are currently finding difficult to do (such as doing up our top button or counting to 100). Then we burnt the pieces of paper to show how these sentences were not true. If we persevere like tough tortoise, it is only that we cannot do something yet, and soon we will overcome that challenge.

We also looked at what happened when the paper and wood burned – it was destroyed and gone forever, leading us to think about what happened to the houses during the Great Fire of London.