Science Week

This week was Science week at Allerton, with lots of exciting activities for pupils in 1HM to take part in. The week began with a visit from Sam’s Safari, where children got to meet 11 different animals from across the world. First we met the amphibians; a frog and a salamander, discovering how ‘slimy’ their moist skin was.Next we met the reptiles; a skink with a great smile, a tiger striped snake, a hungry tortoise and a turtle. We noticed that their scaly skin was dry and soft, and that they felt quite cold due to their cold blood.

Next it was the turn of the birds. We were introduced to a huge jungle fowl and a noisy duck. We noticed how different their feathers felt, as one lived on land and another spent a lot of time on water.

Finally we met the mammals; a duck billed platypus, an incredibly soft chinchilla and a lively armadillo. We learnt that a platypus is one of the only mammals to lay eggs as the rest give birth to live young.

Later on in the week we had a visit from Allerton High, with some ex ACE pupils and Mr Allcock teaching us all about rockets. We had the chance to launch our own milk bottle rockets, testing to see which size made the most effective rocket. Then we saw some exploding rockets, which resulted from tablets reacting with water.

Grouping Animals

To begin our Science learning about different animals, we first collaborated in teams to sort a range of animals into different groups. We discussed the names of the animals first, identifying them, then worked together to think of different ways to sort them. Some of us thought of groups such as ‘animals that fly’ or ‘animals that live underwater’, and some of us began to classify the animals into groups such as ‘reptiles.’ We will be learning more about the features of different animal groups this week.