Making 17th century houses

As part of our topic, the Great Fire of London, we designed and have started to make our own 17th century houses. To start with we looked at lots of pictures of houses from London from before the fire, discussing the materials that they were built from. Then we drew a picture of our designs, thinking about what we would use to create each part.

To creat3 our houses we first watched the teacher model the technique and then imitated this ourselves, helping each other and sharing tips. First we created roofs and the used papier-mâché to strengthen the boxes and create a more textured surface. We got very messy, ripping pieces of newspaper and applying them to the box with a mixture of PVA glue and water.

Next, once the boxes had dried, we painted them with a base coat of white. Next week we will paint on brown beams and add doors and windows.