Grouping Animals

To begin our Science learning about different animals, we first collaborated in teams to sort a range of animals into different groups. We discussed the names of the animals first, identifying them, then worked together to think of different ways to sort them. Some of us thought of groups such as ‘animals that fly’ or ‘animals that live underwater’, and some of us began to classify the animals into groups such as ‘reptiles.’ We will be learning more about the features of different animal groups this week.

Stormy Seas Dance

To launch our new topic all about Life Savers, we learnt about the courageous actions of a young woman called Grace Darling. In 1838, she spotted a ship that had crashed on the rocks near the lighthouse where she lived with her parents. We discovered that she set out in a tiny boat with her father in the raging storm to rescue the survivors.

We watched videos of the ocean and then used to dance to respond, thinking about how we could move our bodies in different ways to represent the waves and movement of the water. We started off as a calm sea and then changed our movement to reflect the dramatic waves and lightening of a stormy sea.

Next we worked in groups as Team Ant, collaborating and imitating each other’s moves, to create a lighthouse with rocks and flashing lights. Then we used dance to represent our learning about Grace Darling and her daring rescue.

Finally we put the different parts of our dance together as a whole class.