Creating fire collages

In art, year 1 have been combining the skills that they have learnt over the past few weeks to create a fire collage. They mixed paint to create the colours of fire, used different brush strokes and gestures to communicate the movement and shapes of flames and then collaged on top with a variety of different materials to add depth.

Anti-bullying Week

This week, as part of anti-bullying week, we thought about what bullying meant and how it might make someone feel. We considered whether a bully is always a bully or if they can change, and what we could do if we saw that someone was being bullied.

We made anti bullying posters and then learnt a rhyme which we then chanted as we marched round with our posters!

1M are bakers!

This week in our topic lessons we learnt that the Great Fire of London started in a bakery shop. This inspired us to have a go at baking ourselves. We followed a recipe to make healthy raisin scones.

First we sieved the flour into a bowl, before rubbing in the butter with our fingertips.

Next we stirred in milk, vanilla essence and raisins.

Then we rolled out the dough and cut out the scones using a cutter.

After that we brushed the top with milk and popped them in the oven.

Here are the finished scones!

We tasted our scones and shared our thoughts.

Fire Safety Instructions

This week we have been learning how to write instructions. We first learnt about imperative verbs and practised finding these in a sentence. Then we wrote our own fire safety instructions, remembering to include our bossy verbs at the start of each sentence. We checked our work carefully and edited it with a green pen, just like reflective butterfly, before writing it up neatly with pen. There were lots of amazing pieces of writing. Here are some of our final pieces of work.


Fire pit circle time

As part of the launch of our new topic, The Great Fire of London, we had our own bonfire in 1M.

Before we went outside, the children thought about any negative habits or feelings that they had from the year so far. This might have included something that they felt was hard or that they just ‘can’t’ do. They then wrote this down on a piece of paper.

We went outside to the fire pit and the children took turns to throw their notes onto the fire and saw how the fire destroyed the paper so that it was gone forever. The burning of the paper symbolised leaving behind the negative feelings. We discussed how with perseverance, just like tough tortoise, many things that we find hard would one day become much easier. The children thought about how they felt now they had burnt the paper and set a simple goal for the future.

We also explored what we could see, hear and smell. We observed how the flames flickered, the smoke drifted and the sparks popped. We will use this later in the week to write our own fire poems.

Sketching with clay

Following on from our work last week in art where we created continuous line drawings of each others’ poses, this week we used clay to create the sketches. We thought about the shapes we could see in each others’ poses, noticing the way each body part was positioned. Then we explored how to mould and shape the clay, creating the different body parts and joining them together. We then experimented with manipulating our sketches to create different poses.

We are ACE Artists!

This week in Art we developed our sketching skills by practising continuous line drawings of each other. First of all everyone practised drawing Miss Miles, making sure that they didn’t take their pencil off the page. This proved to be pretty tricky but with lots of practice and perseverance it became easier. Then the class practised drawing each other in different poses, thinking about the shapes and composition of the different body parts.