Key Stage One Sports Day

On Monday Year 1 and Year 2 had their delayed sports day in glorious sunshine. All the children were very excited and created a wonderful sporting atmosphere, with lots of cheering and supporting as their teammates took part in different events.

Congratulations Birkdale for being the winning team on the day, although it was a very close competition!

it was disappointing that parents were not able to join us to celebrate, but we have put together a short video so you can see some highlights of the day.

1M are home learning heroes!

After our bubble collapsed this week, 1M have been working incredibly hard at home with their remote learning. As always they have really impressed me with their tough tortoise attitude and resilience!

Here is some of the amazing learning that has been going on at home.

There has been lots of reading:

There has also been some great number bond work in maths:

1M have been writing about worms to create a non-fiction information text:

They have also been trying hard in RE and History:

Comparing Seasons and Exploring Textures

Throughout the year, Year 1 have been looking at the changes in weather and what that means for trees and plants and the clothes we wear. This week we’ve been looking back at all the seasons to compare them. Some children drew pictures for each season while others recreated the seasons with resources found around school.

Last week we finished writing our own stories based on the Julia Donaldson book ‘Superworm’. As part of our Design and Technology learning we are going to turn these into actual books with front and back covers. In Art we have started to make a pop up picture for the centre of our books and have explored creating different textures with pastels for the background.

Talk for Writing – Superworm

This week in English we have been learning the story Superworm, thinking of actions and creating a story map to help remember it off by heart. Here is a little clip of 1M practising:

Here is the first part of our story map if you would like to practise at home:

Belonging to a Church or a Mosque

As part of our RE curriculum, we have been learning about what it means to belong to a Church or a Mosque and discovered some of the different ways that Christians and Muslims practise their religions.

We have been very fortunate this week to have some parent volunteer’s speak to us about their experience of worshipping at a Mosque and to answer our questions. The year 1 classes asked many thoughtful questions and we learnt so much about how, when and why Muslim’s pray, including finding out about prayer mats, clothes worn to prayer and wudu. Thank you very much to Iqra’s dad and Maryam’s mum for giving up their time to teach us so much!


Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying looking at sunflowers in our art lessons. We started by sketching a sunflower thinking about using a back and forth technique. Then we painted a sunflower and looked at mixing the different colours to make the shade or colour we needed. Finally, we added other media to our sunflowers to create more detail and add texture.

Year 1 are ACE at following instructions.

This week year 1 have turned their attention to instruction writing and have spend the week so far following instructions with food, learning about the different skills needed to write a set of instructions ourselves. On Monday we all made an egg sandwich using some of the fresh cress we have grown in class. Then on Tuesday we looked at a recipe for delicious fruit kebabs and used our chopping skills to recreate them. We all agreed we would rather eat the fruit kebabs than the egg sandwiches! In maths we are looking at telling the time to o’clock and half past. All the children have made and decorated their own clocks with a clock face, minute hand and hour hand.

The Disgusting…

This week in Year 1 we have been innovating our class story of The Disgusting Sandwich into our very own stories about other, truly disgusting, foods. We also explored our school grounds, mapping as we went, to think about what could happen and where in our stories. then we moved on to writing our stories and becoming authors once again!